Always wondered what it takes to get into TLabs? Is it purely based on my past experience or the traction my startup has achieved so far? Am I too young to get selected? Let us bust some of these popular myths and give you an insider’s perspective on what we really look for while selecting startups

It’s about you, you and only you!

A startup is nothing but an emotional journey made of dreams, passion, hunger and hard work and all these qualities are driven from the attitude of the team behind the startup. It is you, your motivation, your interest, your enthusiasm, and your dreams that make the difference. The spirit of entrepreneurship is what TLabs looks out for in any team that we meet. TLabs believes in you as an individual, though your idea is an important criterion but the spirit of leading your venture into the future is one of the very important factors that can get you selected into the accelerator program. In the past we have rejected teams that had really good traction against those that only had a prototype/MVP in place – the only differentiating factor being that raw entrepreneurial spark!

More than aptitude and experience, it’s about having a balanced skillset

More than the overall experience of the founders, TLabs believes in the expertise and raw talent that you bring into the venture as team in addition to what you bring as an individual. There is no hard and fast rule to this but in an ideal world TLabs looks for a team size of three members made up of a hacker, a hustler and a designer. TLabs also doesn’t restrict itself to the ventures which carry the experience tag, in the previous batch two student startups have also made it to our accelerator program. Average age of our startup founders is between 24-26 years reflecting the kind of youthful energy that TLabs prides to carry with itself.

Idea? Of course it matters…

Idea, product, market, traction etc. are all important and the above qualities by themselves are not of much use if you are not able to show us something compelling that you have been working on. TLabs recognizes that a startup may pivot multiple times during the course of the acceleration program but it’s important to understand the thought process that has gone behind the venture and the market that is being targeted. TLabs expects that a basic execution of idea be done and the venture should have at least built a prototype of its product. The initial product validation can give your venture an upper hand in the selection process. The venture’s initial traction once it goes live and how the team has built its foundation always impresses us!

We hope that above points will give you some much needed insights into what TLabs looks for in budding tech startups. If you believe you have what it takes then we are definitely interested – please make your application to our Batch 5 program or register for one of our mixers here.

Initiate your thought process and get started!