As we announced earlier, TLabs organized the first ever Designathon 2013 on the last weekend. These 28 hours were stuffed with fun, creativity, excitement and everything design. Overall 86 people participate in 26 teams. In the end of 20 hours of grueling competition, we declared Team SoLoMo as Winners and Team ThoughtRangers as the Runners-Up. Congrats to them!

TLabs Designathon 2013 Winners - Team SoLoMo

TLabs Designathon 2013 Winners – Team SoLoMo

TLabs Designathon 2013 Runners-Up - Team Thought Rangers

TLabs Designathon 2013 Runners-Up – Team Thought Rangers

For the benefit of our community, we have uploaded the submission by the winner teams. See here: Submission by SoLoMo, Submission by Thought Rangers. In addition, six teams were given special mention by the jury:

  1. Team Hash UX, led by Neha Sharma
  2. Team TBD, led by Aditya Sahay
  3. Team Creative Souls, led by Aryan Porwal
  4. Team Masters, led by Shobhit Kumar
  5. Team iMagineers, led by Sugam Anand
  6. Team No History, led by Gokul Visweswaran

The event had four problem statements, given by our sponsors. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to participate, we are sharing them with you too:

  1. Design of web and mobile app interfaces of a new feature on TimesCity (Sponsored by Times Internet)
  2. Design of a new mobile app interface for Magic Pathshala (Sponsored by Magic Software)
  3. Design of a web interface of AppHQ Dashboard (Sponsored by Shephertz Technologies) *
  4. Design of a new web and mobile app interface for Times of India website (Sponsored by Times Internet) *

Everyone went home with a lot of new experiences and friends. The sponsors also got some radical new ideas they can consider in their products. We would like to give a special thanks to Satyan Gajwani, CEO, Times Internet who supported us in everything we needed. We also thank ShepHertz Technologies and Magic Software for being an event sponsor and all of you for participating in our initiative so enthusiastically. We also received a fantastic amount of Twitter love.

#Designathon Online Contest

Here’s the best part of the event: Even if you didn’t get to participate, we are giving away ₹7,500 worth of goodies to two best online submissions. Send us your solution to any one of the above problems by 31st Oct and you may have a merrier Diwali ahead 🙂

* These statements had private information. An abridged version of these statement are still under works and will soon be uploaded.