Long and winding road ahead! The response to our pitch session at TiE Mumbai SmashUp last weekend was quite warm. We got to meet a lot of interesting startups in all fields starting from social media to product design and everything in between. It amazes me how has starting up become so cool in India over last 6 years. Thanks to the rapidly growing supporting ecosystem, the quality of startup ideas too has grown manifold.

TLabs has now been around for a little while. Still, I’m sure there are a number of startups that we have not touched yet and there is an immense potential to take them to the next stage. Creating a world-class acceleration program and providing seed funding is our way to build up the ecosystem. So, we take the road this month to reach out and meet you practically wherever you are.

We’re starting off with a round of pitch sessions in the following cities:

  1. Delhi on 8th May at TLabs Noida, and 12th May in Delhi.
  2. Pune on 16th May
  3. Chennai on 17th May
  4. Bangalore on 18th May

Wherever you are and if being at TLabs interests you, please fill in your pitch application here. Don’t forget to mention which city you’d like to pitch in. For any query or suggestion, drop us a line at tlabs [at] tlabs [dot] in. We look forward to having you over!