TLabs recently announced its Batch 3 with exciting line up of start-ups from variety of domains joining its fast expanding family of young techpreneurs. The program started late last month and is in full swing with all seven start-ups busy building their products, doing customer validation, refining strategies and preparing for launch. These start-ups will go through an intensive power packed schedule over the coming couple of months in order to achieve a single objective i.e. building foundations of a sustainable business.

Profiles of start-ups


Happay offers a mobile wallet, which enables people to pay anyone by just using their phone number in a few clicks. Happay makes all day-to-day payments simpler, faster and secure thus making and tracking payments a happy experience for users. What more – it allows users to recharge their phone on the go, pay bills on time, shop at Happay Store (in-app shop) for exclusive gifts, track their personal and group expenses, split and settle bills with friends, store loyalty cards at one place and even request payment from friends. (visit Happay)


GradeStack aims to become a comprehensive store of courses and deliver faster interactive learning on mobile devices. GradeStack is trying to fill the big void left in optimising learning crafted for mobile devices. It enables this by offering courses on native apps currently available for Android & iOS. For content GradeStack is doing partnerships with content experts and clubs it with its technology / solution to provide best in class learning experience. The courses delivered are interactive, adaptive and collaborative in nature thus making learning fun, crisp and lighter with touch. (visit GradeStack)


Langhar is a web/mobile app to discover delicious and nutritious dishes cooked by real people at their amazing homes. It’s more fun and economical. It’s AIRBNB for food. Langhar is a trusted community marketplace enabling common people (housewives, hobbyists, professional cooks) to convert their homes into unique restaurants to earn extra income, also it helps foodies to taste the flavors of a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Further they can experience different cultures by making new friends and having fun. (visit Langhar)


OfferMandi is all about See Offers >> Go Shopping >> Save Money. It is a 24*7 geography based marketing platform giving local retailers of a city a must online presence to advertise their business among the local internet users and the end consumer a single portal to check offers relevant to their needs and geography. Time has changed and in current scenario most of the netizens either purchase products online or atleast check the prices of the products online which they intend to purchase and in this scenario local retailers are missing out who also offer same products with same or even less price. Offermandi makes two business niches i.e. Offline and Online compete with each other thus making the product cheaper for the end consumer. (visit Offermandi)


Oogwave is all about helping business work faster, easier and better. It encourages a new way of working and a shift away from using email as the main channel of sharing, discussion and collaboration within a company. Engineered for collaboration, Oogwave allows the whole company to move together in alignment with company’s vision and culture. It is a free to join, private cloud collaboration platform, accessible on computers, mobiles and tablets, providing hassle-free collaboration with integrated productivity and communication tools. (visit Oogwave)


PrepSquare is a self-assessment tool for competitive exam test-takers. It is bringing analytics and great content to students who are focussed on last-minute revision. Starting with the JEE Market, PrepSquare brings independent teachers online and connect them directly with students, allowing teachers to monetize their skills directly without the umbrella of coaching institutes. For students it provides a no nonsense product geared to help them make the most of the last 30-60 days of their prep. Prep Square’s mission is to break the another-brick-in-the-wall type of education that students receive today, and provide students with personalized tools and content to make the most of their prep. (visit PrepSquare)


iExperience is an online platform that sells unique and authentic things to do for your weekends and vacations. With a rise in disposable income and increase in awareness due to various mediums and travel abroad, people in metros are looking for more than just malls and movies for entertainment. Changing customer trends in turn have given birth to a lot of passionate experience providers and a highly fragmented market. iExperience aims to fill this gap by being a managed service with focus on curation of great experiences, awesome customer experience and strong vendor backend. (visit iExperience)

The TLabs team is extremely excited about this opportunity to work with such an amazing mix of start-ups and is looking forward to helping each start-up realise their full potential.