Fall 2014 

Wibe reimagines the web where users can watch videos relevant to the content they are reading on any website. It is currently offered as a browser extension compatible with all popular websites such as Google and Wikipedia, also e-commerce websites like flipkart, amazon and ebay. Soon wibe is launching an all new knowledge exploration platform where one can get the information about anything with the power of videos itself on the website.




Vidooly is an intelligent YouTube audience development & analytics suite that helps content creators, brands & multi-channel networks to grow their views, audience base & increase revenue drastically on YouTube. The tool provides free analysis of any YouTube channel or video such as video tags used in a video or channel, most popular influencers, subscribers/views growth, performance of video on social media, forecasting & some more features that YouTube does not provide publicly.




Mobapper helps WordPress websites create native Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry mobile apps in minutes. A simple plugin dashboard helps control all of the app’s content even after publishing the app. Cost and time of mobile app development is the main problem businesses are facing when trying to create a mobile app. Mobapper solves this problem by proving a no coding, instant app generation platform.




Flynx is an Android browser which completely re-imagines how browsers should be for mobile devices. It helps open links on any app in an effortless and intuitive way loading web pages as a floating bubble on the screen, while one continues being more productive on the existing app. Here is a link of a video to give a better gist of what it is.




Neuron is a big data tool that allows businesses run effective & organic marketing campaigns across all the web through a DIY tool & allows brands to partner with top most influencers on their social channels to make things go viral.



Spring 2014


Vidgyor enables video publishers to monetize live TV streams delivered over internet by replacing original TV commercials with different set of targeted video ads from ad server. Ads can be targeted based on geo, device and user demographic. Different users will see different ads for the same ad slot. Vidgyor can work with any 3rd party ad-network or custom in-house ad ops system.



   TakeZero is the premier platform for performing artists like models, actors and singers to showcase themselves, discover job opportunities and get connected to the industry. We help artists promote themselves by making beautiful online portfolio websites to showcase their work and talent.



Spayee is an eBook/Course distribution and enhanced digital learning platform. We enable educational institutes(Publishers/Coaching) to distribute and monetize their content though branded web & mobile apps. We also enable schools/colleges to setup a digital library of eBooks/courses which are enriched with useful web resources.



ParallelDots is a tool that allows any content archive to be presented in a story using advanced techniques of NLP and machine learning. For publishers and bloggers, it automatically creates timeline of any event using their archive and present it in an interactive, intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface on their webpage.



GreedyGame panel is a tool for game developers to make in-game assets dynamic. Assets based on player attributes can be served to targeted audience for enhancing retention and reach of the game with an additional monetization stream through contextual native advertising.



Ghar 360
Ghar 360

Ghar 360 is an online platform for architectural and construction industry that enables users to design and visualize their dream home themselves . Ghar360 provides a simple drag and drop feature that enables the user to access the platform with ease. The completed floor plan then then be visualized realtime on 3D and can also be share online.




Fashupp  a social commerce platform where you can discover and create latest fashion trends, products & looks.
We aggregate products from more than 100 fashion websites and curate them using social and NLP algorithms. Using our web-editor, users can create their own looks and share it with the community.


Fall 2013

News in Shorts (NIS) is India’s first mobile service which delivers latest news summarized within 60 words. NIS hand-picks the most popular stories from various sources and provides snippets on mobile and web, enabling users to get updated about the latest events within seconds….



JiffStore is a mobile commerce platform that helps supermarkets to sell grocery online. This allows end customers to shop conveniently using their mobile phones while enabling store owners to increase customer loyalty and sales….




Sponsored Giveaways is the world’s first marketing platform that connects advertisers with bloggers to promote their products or services through non-cash giveaways on blogs….




Vozeal is a self-serve platform that helps video advertisers expand their reach through a network of publishers. While brands get more views on their video, the publisher can monetise content through an additional channel.


Yippster is a patent pending technology that provides digital content providers an additional payment method through telecom operator billing. The user experience is seamless, integration is easy and transactions are highly secure….


Spring 2013


Happay offers a mobile wallet, which enables people to pay anyone by just using their phone number in a few clicks. Happay makes all day-to-day payments simpler, faster and secure thus making and tracking payments a happy experience for users. What more – it allows users to recharge their phone on the go, pay bills on time, shop at Happay Store (in-app shop) for exclusive gifts, track their personal and group expenses, split and settle bills with friends, store loyalty cards at one place and even request payment from friends



GradeStack aims to become a comprehensive store of courses and deliver faster interactive learning on mobile devices. GradeStack is trying to fill the big void left in optimising learning crafted for mobile devices. It enables this by offering courses on native apps currently available for Android & iOS. For content GradeStack is doing partnerships with content experts and clubs it with its technology / solution to provide best in class learning experience. The courses delivered are interactive, adaptive and collaborative in nature thus making learning fun, crisp and lighter with touch


WooMe is a Mobile App which identifies the Live TV programs and Ads people are watching in real time via sound and push Live interaction and Brand engagement. The user can get exclusive & additional content on the TV shows they watch as well as can interact with the programs such as Vote/poll, Trivia, contest etc. WooMe tech creates an instant communication bridge between the TV programs and viewers which was not possible traditionally. This also helps the brands to communicate with the potential customers via TV on their Mobile device.



iExperience is an online platform that sells unique and authentic things to do for your weekends and vacations. With a rise in disposable income and increase in awareness due to various mediums and travel abroad, people in metros are looking for more than just malls and movies for entertainment. Changing customer trends in turn have given birth to a lot of passionate experience providers and a highly fragmented market. iExperience aims to fill this gap by being a managed service with focus on curation of great experiences, awesome customer experience and strong vendor backend



Langhar is a web/mobile app to discover delicious and nutritious dishes cooked by real people at their amazing homes. It’s more fun and economical. It’s AIRBNB for food. Langhar is a trusted community marketplace enabling common people (housewives, hobbyists, professional cooks) to convert their homes into unique restaurants to earn extra income, also it helps foodies to taste the flavors of a variety of cuisines from all over the world.



Oogwave is all about helping business work faster, easier and better. It encourages a new way of working and a shift away from using email as the main channel of sharing, discussion and collaboration within a company. Engineered for collaboration, Oogwave allows the whole company to move together in alignment with company’s vision and culture. It is a free to join, private cloud collaboration platform, accessible on computers, mobiles and tablets, providing hassle-free collaboration with integrated productivity and communication tools.

OfferMandi is all about See Offers >> Go Shopping >> Save Money. It is a 24*7 geography based marketing platform giving local retailers of a city a must online presence to advertise their business among the local internet users and the end consumer a single portal to check offers relevant to their needs and geography. Time has changed and in current scenario most of the netizens either purchase products online or atleast check the prices of the products online which they intend to purchase and in this scenario local retailers are missing out who also offer same products with same or even less price. Offermandi makes two business niches i.e. Offline and Online compete with each other thus making the product cheaper for the end consumer


Fall 2012 


 karaokeGarage1 is an online social singing game. In a world obsessed with music and singing, KaraokeGarage aims to provide online singing entertainment by blending music, user talent and technology. At KaraokeGarage users can sing to their favourite song with the help of lyrics and original pitch reference of the song. As the user sings along, his pitch is analyzed and matched against original song pitch. Score is calculated based on user performance which can be shared or challenged among their Facebook friends. Visit for a new singing high



Viraliti is the adwords for Pinterest. It is the first and only pay per click ad network on Pinterest.Viraliti runs in a very innovative manner where influential Pinterest users endorse brands by pinning images to their personal boards from the available ad campaigns on Viraliti. Brands pay for only valid clicks that these sponsored pins generate. Viraliti also provides detailed analytics for advertisers and publishers about the campaign.



Recruiting the right candidate is very important for the growth of a company. It shouldn’t be restricted to the geography of the company. There are many resume aggregators and skill based filters but the time and money spent by companies in doing this is huge and in many cases doesn’t deliver the best available resource in the market.We at HuntShire enable companies perform virtual walk-ins. Companies come and create hunts which the candidates participate. These hunts being online attract candidates from all locations. As a part of the hunt, there is an online assessment that is designed based on our propriety hunt methodology which tests the candidates on the skills defined by the job description. The companies get skill profiled candidates at the end of the hunt. We save more than 70% time and cost for the companies and helps them reach a wider talent pool.

Musicfellas is a new-age social, music discovery platform for independent music across the globe with an aim to bring more beautiful experiences to you. They help you have more meaningful conversations around the music you love with people whom you care about. At musicfellas, you can discover new music, follow people whose music taste you like, create your own playlists and share with your followers and buy music that you enjoy.



Spring 2012


Data and gaining insights in data are crucial for any business: be it in creating applications or making informed decisions. Though lots of valuable public data exists on the Web, this data is hard to use. Businesses often manually collate this data which is time consuming and costly. This data exists in various formats and is temporally changing, making it difficult to use and understand. DataWeave helps users discover, monitor and visualize public data on the Web in a uniform format: APIs, dashboards and visualizations