If there was any way to capture the level of energy and excitement present in the Tlabs today we would perhaps be able to light up many villages (or at least few lamps)! All the sleepless nights, intensive mentoring sessions, one to one coaching with EiRs, extensive storyboarding will culminate into the Demo day tomorrow where nine start-ups ranging from entertainment to recruitment to education space will showcase their products to a prestigious?group of angel investors, venture capitalists and mentors from all over the country. On 28 Nov evening Tlabs will be hosting its first Demo Day Supported by ET- Power of ideas. The agenda for tomorrow is also jam packed with keynote addresses, pitch sessions by start-ups, and networking sessions over drinks and dinner, and lots of fun. What’s more, you can follow it sitting in your home on the webcast channel here! TLabs, a Times Group initiative, aims at nurturing and supporting the ideas and projects of Internet and Mobile entrepreneurs. TLabs understands the problems faced by young entrepreneurs and aim to provide a platform to shape their ideas into world-class products with the mentorship and guidance provided by TLabs mentors and functional experts. Comments from TLabs start-ups that highlight the level of energy ahead of tomorrow.?As?Viraliti’s?Anikendra says:

?Three and a half months of late nights, tired fingers, hopped up on caffeine, malnourished and probably having missed a few showers too but we are sitting here at the TLabs office, excited, in anxiety with the prospect of the Demo day tomorrow that is 28th of November. It?s been a roller coaster ride so far, so many highs and lows. No points for guessing, these three months have taught us a lot for sure. So many new friends, yes we have over a thousand users waiting to be invited to our product. We can feel the burden of their expectation too.
Ahh does the prospect of pitching our product in front of hundred of investors and media people excite us. You bet! We have been practicing this for the last two weeks, improvising, sharing ideas with the four other start-ups. This has become a small family of sorts. The TLabs gang rocks!?