With our second batch in the last stretch of 4 weeks, we are happy to announce that we are now ready to accept applications for the next batch which will start in the spring of 2013, more precisely on Feb 4, 2013 at Noida.

Over last two batches our ecosystem has grown further to include at least 15 accelerators in India, 4 of them launched in just last one month. This is both good news and a bad one. Good because now our startups have more options. There was a clear problem of seed-stage financing in India and this is a good solution to have. It is bad because suddenly there are a lot of new options to choose from and some of these may actually not be doing so much justice to the faith an entrepreneur puts in them.

We are sure that the better ones will soon start establishing themselves and will keep attracting best startups, while the others may simply be lost in oblivion. That’s the first rule of business and we are loving all the competition we have. If nothing else, it pushes us to stay in the lead!

So, we have opened applications to our next batch. This time we plan to move on completely to F6S, a global accelerator workflow system. It has some fantastic features like application sorting, mentoring management, internal communication and individual and startup profiles. Our next batch will start on Feb 4, 2013 and your deadline to apply is mid-Jan 2013. Use the button below to apply!