#LEAPFIN – A ringside view

By 9 a.m. on a usual, cloud kissed Bangalore morning, the majestic Grand Ballroom of Leela Palace looked a bit like this:

Bankers, Insurers, Fintech Startups, Data Science Firms, Regulators, Policy Makers, Investors, Consulting Firms – over 330 of them had braved traffic for TLabs’s #LEAPFIN conference. Organizer Rahul Gupta set the note for the conference with a funny and insightful video on money and its real value in today’s times.

Let the force be with Fintech

Vivek Belgavi, Partner PWC, Keynote speaker spoke about the key driving forces behind Fintech -Innovation, funding, market penetration, product lifecycle, new customer experience and regulatory structures.

Fintech Disruption: Vivek’s ranking on the Fintech disruption index went like this:

Leading: Fund transfers and payments
Lagging: disruption is currently low in the investment and insurance sectors
Darkhorse: Blockchain

Interestingly, he felt that B2B Fintech is getting traction with open innovation programs of large Finance players. Even as incumbents are focusing on value chain, fintech disruptors focus are solving one problem, finding adjacencies and then pivoting, if needed, for scale.

Vivek was followed by an eminent line-up of panelists who discussed data and lending, payments and investments, insurance and blockchain.
The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Kind words for us indeed as we look forward eagerly to meeting everyone again for the next version of LeapFin.
But what kind of ideas really got exchanged along with business cards during the day? What practical insights, learnings and jokes did people share? To know, read our series of micro-blogs, demystifying the Fintech conference, LEAPFIN.