1. What is the TLabs Accelerator program?

    The objective of this program is to help startups and nurture the startup ecosystem in India. At TLabs we understand the problems faced by young entrepreneurs and aim to provide a platform to shape their ideas into world-class products with the mentorship and guidance provided by TLabs mentors and functional experts.

    As part of the program, once every week we invite mentors from across the industry to speak on various topics, share their experiences and network with the startups followed by one-on-one discussions.

  2. Who can apply for the program?

    We fund technology focused companies, most often they would be Internet and Mobile software companies. We look for small, young and passionate teams who have the capability to turn their dreams into brilliant products with a national or global reach. We enter at the stage when you have built your Minimum Viable Product and have got some traction/validation of your product.

  3. What are some of the ideas that TLabs may not be interested in?

    We are focused only on technology, Internet and mobile and can fund companies in several business domains that use technology to solve a specific problem. We do not fund any non-technology, hardware and software services companies.

  4. How much funding would you give these companies?

    We will fund INR 30 Lacs. The true value comes from the working with like-minded entrepreneurs, advice and connections that you will receive when you join TLabs as part of the program. You would also get the opportunity to pitch to angel investors and VCs in the Demo Month which is the last leg of the program.

  5. I don’t need the funding but I would still want to be a part of the program.

    Money is only a small part of TLabs offering. The money we invest is to take care of the day-to-day expenses. As mentioned earlier, the real value comes from the mentorship and advice. That said, we would provide money as well for you to be a part of the program to maintain the uniformity.

  6. What is in it for TLabs?

    We take 8% equity. We want to put our skin in the game, once we invest, we will help you succeed by connecting you to mentors who can help in various areas of running a business and making it a success. We think the value of learning, advice and network provided by the program is immeasurable and will go a long way in creating a great company.

  7. How do I apply for the program?

    You can fill our application form to apply online for the program. Please click on the “Apply” button on the homepage of our website.

  8. How does TLabs evaluate my application?

    We put a lot of emphasis on well-balanced team. We will ask the team to present the idea along with execution plan and support required once you apply for the program. A core team and expert panel team consisting of senior management will evaluate the team and the idea. We generally prefer small team consisting of 2-4 entrepreneurs, starting up a company is a heavy lifting job so we discourage single person companies, we would request you to find co-founders in several startup events that happen across the country. We look for following qualities in the team: passion, dedication, clarity of thought, tenacity and agility.

  9. How long will it take for TLabs to evaluate my application?

    Usually, it takes between 15 days to a month and a couple of meetings with the team for evaluation and closure of the deal.

  10. When I fill in an application, who owns the idea I submitted and who is it shared with?

    Any ideas submitted via the online application are the ideas of the person/people that submitted them. The ideas will remain with you and TLabs will not disclose the specific ideas to third parties or people outside of TLabs. The applications submitted will be shared amongst the TLabs team solely for the purpose of determining candidates for the live-in and the 13 week accelerator program.

  11. We’ve already taken some funding. Can we still apply?

    Absolutely yes, in fact many of the startup(s) come to us for the mentorship and guidance that we provide as part of the program rather than money. However, we will provide money as well as part of the program to maintain the uniformity.

  12. What if we’re doing something expensive?

    We will fund you but we will definitely suggest you to build an impressive proof of concept first and postpone the expensive part to a later stage where other investors can invest.

  13. Do we need to write a business plan?

    Nope, not at all. We will fund you for the team and execution capabilities and not for the business plan that you may have prepared; we like to see startups build a minimum viable product during the tenure of the program. Moreover, we will guide you on best practices in preparing business plans before you present your ideas to investors on the demo day.

  14. Will we be asked for regular updates as part of TLabs program?

    We believe that the flexibility must be provided to the entrepreneurs. Actual implementation and management of work will be left to the Entrepreneur and TLabs will be interested only in actual product delivery milestones However, we expect you to be stationed at Bangalore during our TLabs program for 13 weeks. You will get access to our world-class office infrastructure during this tenure. This will also help you in executing the minimal viable product as well as to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and network of mentors and investors.

  15. Does my company have to be in Bangalore?

    No, you can run your company from anywhere in the world. However, we expect you to be stationed at Bangalore during our TLabs program for 13 weeks. This will help you in executing the minimal viable product during this tenure as well as to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, interact with mentors and investors.

  16. Where do I stay during the live-in and the accelerator program?

    During the live-in period and the 13 week accelerator program, you will need to find your own accommodations. TLabs may be able to suggest a place or two but will not able to provide a place for you to stay. We will also introduce you to previous batch founders who may be able to suggest possible places.

  17. How does TLabs help me in connecting with investors?

    TLabs will facilitate the contact between entrepreneur and investor community. However, we expect startups to pitch to investors for funding themselves. We plan to bring in several angel investors and venture capitalists on the demo day. You will be able to present your idea and the minimum viable product to them for future funding.

  18. If investors are interested, then can I directly get in touch with them?

    Absolutely yes, in fact we encourage you to directly interact with investors.

  19. If none of the investors are interested, then what will happen to my startup?

    We will help the startup in finding out the reasons for the same. Let’s be realistic not every startup succeeds, but after TLabs you will have a brilliant resume and the knowledge you gained in the program will see you start again with a renewed vigor and you would have connections to some of the smartest people on the planet.

  20. Will Times Group be interested in acquisition of my start up?

    Yes, we have various initiatives whereby we engage with startups in various stages of growth and may like to continue our relationship on case-to-case basis based on product feasibility and mutual interest.

  21. What if I have more questions?

    You can email your questions to us at tlabs@tlabs.in.