Frequently Asked Questions

TLabs Accelerator program is a 16-week long intensive program which aims at helping founders build their ideas and MVPs into sustainable businesses.

Tlabs is an ever growing family of startup founders, partners, advisors and experts. Tlabs has funded 53 companies and over 100 founders. We have over 130 experts, advisors, CXO’s from different domains who are always ready to help and open office hours.

We have an in-house UX team that helps startups to build the right user experience.

We do frequent startup meetups, 1-o-1 sessions with experts, weekly meetings with TLabs team, host of events around different topics to help founder build a network.

Our list of partners provide free or low cost access to tools to ensure that startup runs lean and frees time to work on their own product.

Our deep network ensures that you will get first 10-15 customers from within the Tlabs network and learn enough about consumer growth to get to first 100k users.