It gives us immense pleasure to announce the list of companies coming up for presentation tomorrow. We believe these are the best of the what the Indian startup ecosystem has to offer in the early stage segment. We are proud of them and wish them all the very best for their lives ahead. Special thanks to the entire team of Economic Times’ Power of Ideas contest (ET-POI) for helping us reach out a few stars from their stable:

KaraokeGarage: KaraokeGarage is an online social singing game. In a world obsessed with music and singing, KaraokeGarage aims to provide online singing entertainment by blending music, user talent and technology. At KaraokeGarage users can sing to their favourite song with the help of lyrics and original pitch reference of the song. As the user sings along, his pitch is analyzed and matched against original song pitch. Score is calculated based on user performance which can be shared or challenged among their Facebook friends. Visit for a new singing high!

Viraliti: Viraliti is the adwords for Pinterest. It is the first and only pay per click ad network on Pinterest.Viraliti runs in a very innovative manner where influential Pinterest users endorse brands by pinning images to their personal boards from the available ad campaigns on Viraliti. Brands pay for only valid clicks that these sponsored pins generate. Viraliti also provides detailed analytics for advertisers and publishers about the campaign. Viraliti’s mission is to be the one-stop social media marketing solution and leader on Pinterest.

HuntShire: Huntshire enables companies perform virtual walk-ins. Companies come and create hunts which the candidates participate. These hunts being online attract candidates from all locations. As a part of the hunt, there is an online assessment that is designed based on our propriety hunt methodology which tests the candidates on the skills defined by the job description. The companies get skill profiled candidates at the end of the hunt. We save more than 70% time and cost for the companies and helps them reach a wider talent pool.

Musicfellas: Life, as we see it, is made of different experiences. It is about those small moments that make your day. And we think those moments are best experienced with friends. At Musicfellas, we want to help you discover new artists with friends. Musicfellas is a social, indie music discovery platform where you can have meaningful interactions around the music you love. We are here to help you discover new music, have conversations and support the artists. The artists get 70% of whatever you pay to buy their music. We hope that you enjoy Musicfellas as much as we enjoyed making it.

Bluegape: BlueGape is a complete E-Merchandising Solution Provider. We handle printing, logistics, payments, customer service and technology. Catering primarily to two kinds of client 1) Influencers, those who have huge fan following on twitter or facebook and don’t have any revenue model apart from advertising 2) Brands looking for promotion through merchandising. Brands can use their store to reward their repeat customers and facebook contest winners. Bluegape envisions to create a search engine for merchandising. Just tell us what you love and we will show you stores and products based on your Interest. Few big names like Faking News, Garbage Bin and iXiGO have already signed up.

Get2Galaxy: Get2Galaxy is an open API hiring platform with crowd sourced experts & operators, candidates and necessary tools for a company to satisfy its hiring needs

SharpEdge Learning: In traditional education, learning is linear. SHArP Edge Learning aims to revolutionise the current teaching methodologies and increase the efficiency of learning through the innovative technological aids. Sharp Edge takes the student through the industry relevant and employability ready content and skills throughout his college life. It has the largest repository for multimedia content in Higher Education developed in collaboration with Subject Experts, Industry Professionals and Cognitive Learning Experts.

iLiftOff: iLiftOff is a recruitment testing engine where Job seekers take tests to prove skills and using test scores employers select employees faster. iLiftOFF has 120 tests based on skill areas like finance, technology and law and a database of 15,000 job seekers

Dataweave: Data and gaining insights in data are crucial for any business, be it in creating applications or making informed decisions. Though lots of valuable public data exists on the Web, this data is hard to use. Businesses often manually collate this data which is time consuming and costly. This data exists in various formats and is temporally changing, making it difficult to use and understand. DataWeave helps users discover, monitor and visualize public data on the Web in a uniform format: APIs, dashboards and visualizations. Data examples that businesses find useful are pricing data, social media data and open data.