Finish LineIf you’ve followed the TLabs Fall 2012 batch schedule, you’d notice that the deadline for submitting your applications for this batch is fast approaching. It is on June 1st 2012. This blog post is a notice for those of you who prefer doing it at the last minute. Please fill the application now!

For whatever reason if you choose to wait for a few more days before we notice you, we have decided to accept your applications for a few more days. But, we will keep them in a different basket, coming to them only if we have slots free for our Live-in period that starts on July 2.

Don’t just take this as an opportunity to further postpone your application, just as yet. If you can, do fill the application form up right now. Ask us if have a question at tlabs AT tlabs DOT in.

Update: We have not finished with the final list of selections as yet. We will be out with the first list of selections on Monday, 25th June. In the meanwhile, you can still submit the applications here till June 30th for second and final list. Thanks!